Risky Sexual Behaviour among Young Men in Nepal

Govinda P. Dahal, University of Southampton
Andrew Hinde, University of Southampton
Monique Hennink, University of Southampton

This paper explores the sexual activity and high-risk sexual behaviour among young Nepalese men using the Nepal Adolescents and Young Adult survey 2000. Information is drawn from 3,802 men aged 14-22 years. We consider the appropriate definition of risky sexual behaviour and analyse the contribution of covariates to the probability of being sexually active and being engaged in risky sexual behaviour. The results indicate that one in ten single men are sexually active, and one in five of these are engaged in risky sex. Sexual activity among single men is higher in both rural areas and the ‘hill’ ecological region. Young men aged 14-16 years who are sexually active have a high probability of engaging in risky behaviour. Among married males 7.7 percent were engaged in extramarital sex. Nine out of ten married men reported being sexually active and, of these, about one in ten were engaged in risky sex.

Presented in Session 48: Men's Health Knowledge, Risks, and Behavior across the Life Cycle