Demographic Dynamics in Brazil's Major Ecological Regions

Daniel Joseph Hogan, Universidade Estadual de Campinas

Demographic Dynamics in Brazil’s Major Ecological Regions Brazil has one of the world’s greatest ecological and demographic diversities. Widespread international concern for the environmental integrity of the Amazon is matched, in Brazil, with concern for other important ecological regions, principally the savanna-like cerrado and the Atlantic Rainforest. Other regions, such as the semi-arid caatinga, ecologically unique and demographically dense, are also important. While the advanced stage of Brazil’s demographic transition and its extensive territory mean that the overall ratio of population to environment will continue to be favorable, where the population lives and works will be of increasing importance. What regions are capable, from a sustainability perspective, of receiving more population; which may at least offer their current populations sustainable livelihoods; and which are so pressured that solutions must be sought in other regions?

Presented in Session 136: Demographic Processes in Brazil- Recent Trends and Interpretations. Sponsored Jointly by Brazilian Population Association