Topics and Sessions

1. Fertility, Family Planning and Reproductive Health35
6. Reproductive Health in Developing Countries 10. Methodological Challenges and Advances in Fertility Research 15. Contraceptive Use Dynamics 19. Social Forces Shaping Very Low Fertility 21. Adolescent Fertility 24. Fertility, Reproductive Health, and Public Policy in Developed Countries 29. Service and Social Influences on Contraceptive Practice 34. Reproduction, Contraception and HIV Protection 44. Cultural Perspectives on Fertility 45. Adolescent Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Use 48. Men's Health Knowledge, Risks, and Behavior across the Life Cycle 50. Reproductive and Fertility Issues in Societies with Medium and High Fertility 61. Emerging Global Patterns of Very Low Fertility 64. HIV/AIDS and Sexual Behavior 68. Social and Economic Forces and the Transition to Motherhood 70. Fertility Transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa 84. How Late Can You Wait? Fertility, Fecundity, and Aging 86. Demographic and Health Impacts of Family Planning Services 89. Abortion: Measurement, Motivations and Determinants 97. Maternal Mortality and Pregnancy Outcomes 100. Contraceptive Use and Effectiveness 106. Biodemography of Human Fertility 107. Fertility Attitudes and Preferences II 117. New Approaches to Family Planning Service Delivery and Research 118. Spatial Variation in Sub-Saharan Africa's Fertility Transition 119. Fertility Attitudes and Preferences 132. Social and Economic Factors in Birth Spacing and Delay 134. High and Declining Fertility 138. Causes and Consequences of Adolescent Sexual Activity 148. Men’s Reproductive Behavior and Health 149. Nonmarital Fertility 156. Gender, Power, and Reproduction 164. Fertility Measurement and Models 165. Reproductive Intentions, Perceptions, and Motivations 167. Adult Sexuality, Sexual Behavior, and Sexual Health
2. Marriage, Family and Households18 3. Children and Youth12 4. Health and Mortality21 5. Race and Ethnicity7 6. Gender7 7. Migration and Urbanization16 8. Economy, Labor Force, Education and Inequality12 9. Population and Aging11 10. Data and Methods12 11. Applied Demography5 12. Other Topics13 14. Poster Sessions6