Friday, May 2 / 2:30 PM - 4:20 PM   •   Directors Row 3

Session 123:
Investments in Education, Demographic Processes, and Socioeconomic Development II

Chair: Cem Mete, World Bank Group
Discussant: Emmanuel Jimenez, World Bank Group
Discussant: Paul Glewwe, University of Minnesota

  1. Educational Reversals and Fertility in Sub-Saharan AfricaLaurie DeRose, University of Maryland

  2. A General Equilibrium Self-Employment Theory Based on Human Capital DifferencesGerardo Jacobs, Universidad Iberoamericana

  3. Educational Enrollment and Trend of Parental Investment on Education during Economic Reform Period in VietnamPhuong l. Nguyen, Independent Researcher

  4. Universal Education and Fertility: A Nigerian ExperimentUna Okonkwo Osili, Indiana University ; Bridget Terry Long, Harvard University

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